The Kealakehe Culinary department head, Karen Sheff secured a grant from the Department of Education in the early part of 2018 to fund an outdoor culinary classroom.  The grant has a goal of cross collaboration among different classes at the school to include physical education, digital media, culinary, arts and the metal working students.

The culinary department worked with Kumu Keala Ching in planning stages of building an imu and integrating the Hawaiian culture into the food being prepared when the project is finished.

A local architect, John Heatherington, was tapped to help look at the logistics of the site and make preliminary plans to get permits to build the site out.

Local digital marketing specialist, Julie Ziemelis, worked with the students to create a dedicated Facebook page for the culinary department and as a way to chronicle the development of the project.  She also worked with the digital film students to help create content for the Facebook page and the development of a new website to show what the students were doing in the classroom and give them opportunities to create written and photographic content.

Clearing of the proposed building site began in September with students helping to pull weeds, re-sand the work tables,  and plant new landscaping.

As of November  2018, the project is awaiting permits from the County and the plans have been laid out to put up structures to house BBQ’s and an out door kitchen .


Healthy Eating Living Pono Truck

The students helped lay out the interior design of the truck for outreach activities.

The students measured the bus and mapped out where the cooking. Storage and serving areas will be located.  The students also designed the menu for the truck keeping in mind the nutritional goals of the program.


By Freda Anderson

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