The Kealakehe students who made the trek to Waipio Valley were from both the culinary team and the digital media team. They all learned about taro farming. fern shoot collecting and life in one of the most sacred places on the Big Island.

Let’s hear from the students:

Kai Kale: (Culinary Student) Working in the loi gave us many life lessons such as the hard work that you do pays off. as well as a newfound respect for the land and the people who tend to it. I also learned that even though it is hard work to farm the taro in the loi, (and it was hot and muddy), the end goal of the harvest is worth it.

Courtney Lynn: (Culinary Student)  I liked getting muddy and being in the loi! I fell into the mud three times and I loved it! We went to get watabe shoots and pulled weeds in the taro fields, as well as getting into the stream canal to clear the waterway. When we jumped into the river after the work, it was so cool and refreshing. I learned alot about the history of Waipio Valley and how they lived and worked there. It was hard work, but we learned what a day in the life of a taro farmer is like.

Thomas Craig: (Digital Media Student I really enjoyed the scenery of the valley and it was fun to photograph the experience. I also enjoyed learning about taro farming and the history of Waipio Valley. I really enjoy trips like this as we get to explore the Big Island and get to film and photograph it.

Leeland B: (Digital Media Student) I liked the drive down into the valley in the trucks as it gave me a chance to get some great photographs and video of the valley. I learned more about taking photos than just filming the whole time.

Karen Sheff-Culinary Teacher

LauLau-made from taro root, leaves and pork

Thanks to Karen Sheff, Culinary Teacher for setting the field trip up with Buggy and Sharrie Quirit and Chris Ibarra and thanks for serving musubi and laulau!

Thanks to Randy Shelor, Digital Media Arts Teacher, for bringing his students to capture the event on film!

Chris Ibarra

Here is a short video created by Julie Ziemelis, Digital Media assistant teacher.


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