by: Alison Busch-Culinary Student

The labs I’ve done in both the PHS classes and Culinary classes have prepared me for a job in the food service industry and taught me how businesses are run. In the past two years, I’ve learned how to organize like a chef, how to plan ahead, and of course, how to cook food. Most of the things we made had the food truck in mind, so we learned about product development, food costing, food preparation and shelf life, and advertising in order to apply it to the food truck and to real life.

I was even able to volunteer at Pono Grindz, the food truck at Kua Bay,  for a day, and I noticed that every single thing we’d learned in class was connected to it. Not only the recipes, but the organization, food preparation, planning ahead, food costing, product development, and everything else. And I learned more about running businesses by volunteering to work in the food truck.

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