By Savannah Watak  pd 2
One of the many things I’ve learned in culinary arts class is safety and sanitation. Whenever we enter the kitchen we have to wear closed toed shoes, have our hair tied back and wash our hands. We learn how to properly use the knife to reduce the risk of injuring myself or others. Also, when I am moving a hot pot or pan we yell “hot pan/pot!” just to give the heads up to other people that are around us. When we are done using the kitchen we bleach rag down the countertops and sinks. We have to be careful about the food that we prepare.
These skills have a lot of meaning especially when we apply it to real settings.  When I worked on the food truck, I had to use all these safety and sanitation standards.  We use chicken in some of our recipes and we know that we can’t use the same cutting board or knife because if we use the same board for everything we can get salmonella. If we don’t take the responsibility or being careful, people could get sick and the business can shut
down.  This can relate to reality/ real life because once we get to our own kitchen or if we work in a restaurant, it won’t be as hard for us because we already learned to be safe and sanitized in culinary arts class. I feel that I’m better prepared to work at a job.


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